Champagne Cédric Guyot

Who are we?

Champagne Guyot is a family vineyard who cultivate since the 60’s. It’s situated in the part of Champagne “Côte de Sézanne” in the southwest of the Marne.

The vineyard is populated vines Pinot noir and Chardonnay.

We cultivate each of our vines in the spirit for the tradition and for the environment (certified sustainable viticulture in Champagne).

All the stages of wine making are made in our winery and cellars.

The elaboration of our wines bases itself on the balance of the fruity and sharpness. So, each of our vintages are differently worked to find the best balance there.

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100% Séduction

Nouveau en Vente!!!! 100% Séduction La production d’un Champagne unique et différent à chaque tirage. (Série limitée) Le partage d’une passion par le plaisir gustatif. En bouteilles blanches, “100% Séduction” …