Our vineyard of 5.6 ha extends over Fontaine-Denis-Nuisy around the exploitation for the greater part. We have some plots of vines on the nearby municipalities.

The works of the vineyard:

  • From november to march/april, the vineyard is in dormancy.
    Works to be realized: pre-pruning, pruning, attach the stalks of vine, to lower the sons.


  • From mars/april till may, the vineyard wakes up and buds go out.
    Works to be realized: contribution of nutriement, preparation of grounds, put of the grass in vines, remove the bad buds, son’s 1st lifting.

  • From may till july, he vineyard grows, grapes appear and get fat.
    Works to be realized: 2nd lifting of the sons, “palissage” place the stalks of vine, the pollarding, work of the ground.

  • From july till august, grapes are going to colored and matured.
    Works to be realized: “rognages” cut the stalks of vine, maintains of the foliage.
  • From september till october, when maturity is good, grapes are harvested.