After one working year of the vineyard, in September, we pick up manually the grapes.

Then we put it into the winepress. The grape juice is slowly extracted from bays (3 at 4 hours). In winery, musts are carefully selected and alcoholic fermentation started (transformation of sugars in alcohol).

When this first fermentation is ended we make, if need be, the Malolactic fermentation (transformation of malic acids in lactic acids).

Before the bottling (in may), we prepare minutely each of our vintages during the blending.

Once bottled, the second alcoholic fermentation (“la prise de mousse”) takes place in the bottle. The wine which was then quiet is going to become sparkling wine.

Bottles are put on slats in our cellars to age quietly on their deposit.

When a millesime reached its balance, we make the “remuage” (consists to driving the deposit in the bottle neck) and then “dégorgement” (put out the deposit, addition of the “liqueur d’expédition” and corking of the bottle). The “liqueur d’expédition” will make type of champagne, nature, brut, demi sec…

After three months, the bottles are labelled to be sold.